We recognize safety goes well beyond the people of AllFuel. It means the safety of you, our client. The safety of your customer.The safety of people who pass briefly in an instant on the highway. Safety impacts everyone we encounter.   Safety that protects everyone doesn’t begin as an afterthought.

AllFuel Services puts safety into every process we build, every job we service, and every ride home when the workday is over. Through open communication and safety awareness, AllFuel fosters a culture of learning, trust, and rapport. Each and every person has 100% authority to stop a job or report a problem if safety or environmental standards are at risk. Screening and training upon hiring are followed by continuous learning through safety councils, client safety training, and internal AllFuel safety programs.

The AllFuel Safety Program includes:

  • Job Safety Analysis covering all work areas.
  • Comprehensive substance abuse program.
  • Defensive driver training.
  • First Aid training.
  • Open communication environment. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and share concerns.
  • Stop Work Authority on any job.
  • Ongoing safety training.
  • Daily “toolbox” meetings for safety and job awareness.

Safety, Environment & Community