AllFuel Services provides fuel filtration and treatment solutions.   Changing regulations and technologies left many bulk fuel users facing fuel related issues never before seen. AllFuel was founded to restore quality and optimize fuel performance.

Modern engines deliver ever-improving output while meeting ever-tightening regulations. Environmentally safe fuels no longer contain components that preserve fuel, protect critical engine components, and deliver optimum performance. When deteriorated diesel meets a new Tier IV diesel engine, or water contaminated ethanol enters an automobile fuel injection system, shut down or major damage is moments away.

While shut downs or engine damage represent obvious expense today, contaminated fuel reduces long term operating efficiency. Day in day out, lower fleet performance drives up bottom line cost. Higher emissions, lower performance, and fewer miles per gallon all weigh down quarterly numbers.

The AllFuel process removes harmful particulates, contaminants, and water, while rebuilding and treating the fuel to deliver maximum performance. From downtown hospitals to remote oil fields, a fleet that runs 24 hours a day or a generator you hope never to need, wherever people depend upon an engine to start and stay running, AllFuel Services has a solution.

Don’t leave your fleet at risk. Contact AllFuel today.